TMB Meeting, Kikinda 21.04.07

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Here is a short
description of our visit in Kikinda, to the TMB meeting.
We meet the friends
from RC Kikinda at NARVIK Hotel, located in the city center. Mihai Avram, Andrei
Motoc, Horea Visoiu, Rolf Maruhn, Bogdan Aungurence together with Ivan Bloch, his wife and the
rotarians from Serbian and Hugarian Rotary Clubs had a small welcome drink
before a walk arround the center, to see one project from RC Kikinda, the
partial restauration of an historical building. We continue by visiting the
city museum, where a 3D movie present the story of "KIKA", a female mammuth, 70000-years-old fossil found in a clay mine of Toza
Markovic roof tile plant, in 1996.

We come back at the
hotel and start the meeting, by presenting the issues TMB face at the moment,
and analise the possible solutions to handle them in a positive way. A short
reminder of the projects TMB has done the last year, and proposal for new ones.
Mihai Avram present the bikes (blues) event in Jimbolia, 9 – 10 of June 2007,
and Rolf Maruhn informed everybody about some details regarding this project, as
the posibility of having a free visa for the Serbian who will participate to the
event. At the end, we saw the brand new logo of the TMB cooperation and announce
the lounch of ,requesting support for making it real
A delicious launch was served, and we live Kikinda, in
the afternoon – direction Timisoara.
Special thanx to
Veselin SUBU and RC Kikinda for a perfect organization of this

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